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EnergyMed The 12th edition

Following the success of the past editions, EnergyMed, the Conference Exhibition on Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency, has reached its 13th edition.

Renewable sources and Energy efficiency have gradually become the main focus of action plans for environmental sustainability. For this reason EnergyMed appears as the ideal setting for an exchange on the state of the art in innovative sectors related to solar and wind energy, high-efficiency boilers and biomasses, low-impact vehicles and services. Keeping in mind market evolutions, this year the event confirms the presence of the three sections, one dedicated to energy efficiency - “EnerEfficiency”, one dedicated to recycling and energy recovery – “Recycle” , one to sustainable mobility – “Mobility” and automation “Automation”..

Several new elements, then, with an exhibition area covering over 8,000 square metres, a rich conference programme and many special events: the greatest experts and the representatives of the leading companies in the sector will be involved in focused workshops, the business to business meetings and the round tables. The organisers thus wish to create the ideal conditions for updating professional training and for trade exchanges between Italian and foreign companies to enhance a successful internationalisation process in the sector.
A three-day event focused on technologies and innovation, which expects a growing number of qualified visitors as compared to the figures recorded in the past editions (from 15,000 to 20,000 and more visitors).

EnergyMed confirms its role as a focal point where businesses, local bodies, research agencies, associations and technical professionals in the sector can exchange knowledge and know-how on the topics of renewable sources, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, building and recycling.

When and where


Mostra d'Oltremare - Napoli (Viale Kennedy entrance)

Opening Time
Thursday and Friday - From 09.30 am to 07.00 pm
Saturday - From 09.30 am to 06.00 pm

Minors are not admitted
unless as part of pre-booked group visits

The location
The choice of Campania and Naples constitutes a strategic preference, adding a Mediterranean connotation with particular reference to countries with emerging economies (Mahgreb, Egypt, Spain and Greece, etc.).
The objectives
  • To strengthen the relationships between the business world, Local Authorities and citizens, providing an effective commercial and promotional tool for local, national and foreign companies in the sector.
  • Representing a point of reference for Institutions, Universities and Associations, with the aim of encouraging the overcoming of the obstacles which, in our country, slow down the development of renewable sources
  • To consolidate itself as a reference point for the professional and scientific community, for a continuous updating on the state of the art of the technologies available on the market, as well as on the frontiers of research and development for the most innovative applications;
  • To raise, through an event at national and international level, the overall threshold of visibility of these issues in the media and the general public
  • To focus the interest of national and local legislators on new energy technologies.
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